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Main Specifications (Model: CK2750G)

Crane Boom Max. Lifting Capacity 550,000 lbs
Length 50 – 300 ft
Fixed Jib Max. Lifting Capacity 373,400 lbs
Max. Length 100 ft
Max. Combination 250 ft + 100 ft
Power Plant Model HINO P11C-VC
Engine Output 363 HP / 1,850 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 106 US gal. (400 liters)
Main & Aux. Winch Max. Line Speed 361 ft/min (110 m/min) :
1st layer
Rated Line Pull
(Single Line)
56,700 lbs (252 kN)
Wire Rope Diameter 1-1 / 32 in (26 mm)
Brake Type Spring set hydraulically released (Negative)
Working Speed Swing Speed 2.0 rpm (min-1)
Travel Speed 0.69 / 0.43 mph
Hydraulic System Main Pumps 4 variable displacement
Max. Pressure 4,626 psi (31.9 MPa)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 171.7 US gal. (650 liters)
Weight Operating Weight 481,700 lbs
Ground Pressure 15.0 psi (112 kPa)
Counterweight 199,300 lbs
Transport Weight 99,760 lbs

Units are SI units. { } indicates conventional units.

Working speeds in table are for light load. Working speed varies with load.

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General Dimensions

(Unit: mm)


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