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SL4500S Light Configuration

Main Specifications (Model: SL4500S Light Configuration)

Luffing Boom Max. Lifting Capacity 300 t × 6.0 m*1/
180 × 10.0 m
Length 24~78m
Long Boom Max. Lifting Capacity 90 t × 14.0 m
Length 48~96m
Luffing Jib Max. Lifting Capacity 80.0 t × 16.0 m
Boom Length (Min ~Max) 30 m~66m
Jib Length (Min ~Max) 24m~66m
Luffing Angle 66°~86°
Power Plant Model HINO E13C-WY
Engine Output 320kW/2,000 min-1{rpm}
Fuel Tank Capacity 600liters
HoistWinch(H1,H2) Max. Line Speed 110 m/min (1st layer)
Rated Line Pull (Single line) 137kN{14.0tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 28mm
Working Speed Swing 1.2min-1{rpm}
Travel 1.0/0.6km/h
Hydraulic System Pumps 7 variable displacement
Max. Pressure 32.0 mpa {326 kgf/cm2}
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 710 liters
Weight Operating Weight*2 Approx. 311t
Ground Pressure*2 134 kPa {1.4 kgf/cm2}
Counterweight Upper: 120 metric tons *2
Lower: 31metric tons

Units are SI units. { } indicates conventional units.

*1 equipped with Standard Boom Configuration ( width 3.0 mboom)

*2 Including base machine, counterweights(= 120t), carbody weights (= 31t), 24 m luffing boom and 180 t hook block.

No tinclude quick connection devise and upper translifter.

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